Monday Muse Gets Crafty

I was searching the web for creative Halloween Countdown Calendar ideas when I came across a site I knew would be great for today’s Monday Muse.

crafty chicks header blue and red

Crafty Chicks is a collection of women (mostly Mamas, from what I can tell) who have some of the most wonderful ideas for all things crafty. Currently up on their homepage are ideas for “Quiet books” – cloth books to keep toddlers busy. I was amazed at the quality and level of detail in these books…I don’t know if I would have the patience (or skill) to make one! I think they should sell them (hint, hint). Lil’ G would love one for Christmas.

If ever your crafty creative well runs dry, take a peek at their tags – they have ideas for most holidays – take a look what I found under HALLOWEEN, and all sorts of other stuff like aprons, magnets, digital scrapbooking and more. I know this is going to be a great “go-to” resource for me when I’m wearing my homeschool mama hat.

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