Making Classics out of a Classic: Star Wars + Famous Art + PhotoShop = Win!

I can’t remember the Google search I was workin’ on when I stumbled across awesomeness from a galaxy far far away: apparently a contest had been held calling all nerds and artists to use their madskillz to create pastiches ala Lucas.

This is the picture that first caught my eye in the Google image search:

girl with walker

My eye roamed right past it, then my brain said, “Is that an Imperial Walker?!?” and I went back to click on it and found all kinds of awesomeness…like this:

leia with a pearl earring

or how about this:

bikini leia statue

I find this next one hilariously appropriate:

jabba the VIII

I’ve always liked the original version of the next one, so I really appreciate what a great ps job this is!

accolade stormtrooper

This next one I find somehow disturbing…

yoda cherub

Well, I could be here all day, but I’ll let you take a look for yourself – visit Worth1000 and see their series of Star Wars Ren contests.

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