Monday Muse and the Hat Lady

This will probably be my last MM for a month – NaNoWriMo kicks off at the end of the week; and I must devote all my writing time to achieving my insane literary goal. If you know of any great candidates for a future Monday Muse, tell me in the comments section or send me an e-mail, and I’ll be happy to check them out. Until then, we’re going out with a bang: this week’s Monday Muse is definitely worth a visit.

She Wears Many Hats was found after clicking her blog link from PW’s Tasty Kitchen site – I had spotted her recipe for chocolate muffins with pumpkin frosting (using dark chocolate, no less) and knew I would have to make these for the husband. That man is one picky eater, but this recipe has his name all over it.

Created by Amy from South Carolina, SWMH is  fun and informative; the website is vibrant and well organized; reminding me quite a bit of PW herself (maybe it’s all the recipes and great photos). Anyways, Amy has some neat craft ideas, home decor plans, diatribes about the usual stuff, and all the great things that make crafty creative Moms who blog a source of inspiration and motivation for the rest of us.

So put on your “web surfing while drinking wine” hat and click on over.

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