I just downed 3 nice size glasses of Pinot Grigio and a fun size pack of peanut m&m’s (stolen from Miss A’s Halloween stash…it’s ok, she doesn’t like the ones with peanuts).  I am feeling better: relaxed, and attempting to not feel guilty that instead of hitting the treadmill to pound out a few miles once the girls are in bed, I plan to sit my ass right down back here and pound out a few K of words to boost my NaNoWriMo count.

It’s been a craptastic day…how was yours? I lost my phone in our local Sam’s Club this afternoon  – I know, because I paused in the milk aisle to post a friend about this weekend’s Bunco, so I had it then – but could not find it when I arrived home. Awesome sauce with a side of sucks out loud.

No luck on finding the phone so far  – I suspended service to it, so if someone found it and was planning a reunion with the family back in Siberia on my dime …well, sucks to your ass-mar dude.

We’ll hold out for a few days and pray it shows up – it’s not so much a cost issue – we are eligible for an upgrade with our phone co.   – but sheesh I dread re-entering all my contact info!

And I just wanna give a shout out to my man…do you know what he said when he found out I lost my phone?

Not:  “I can’t believe that woman.”

Not: “I’m going to kill that woman.”

Not: “Why did I marry this woman.”


He said: “I really love that woman.”

And he told me so as soon as he saw me.

Yes, I know I’m lucky.

I’ll try not to lose HIM in Sam’s Club 😉

Now, pardon me, I’m getting back to my novel before the candy high/ wine buzz wears off.

One thing’s for sure, I won’t get interrupted by any phone calls.

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