Scene Sprint

Yesterday my NaNo count was barely above 100 words, and those pathetic few were  snuck in while Miss A did her math and Lil’ G ripped a bookshelf apart.

I did manage to log 7miles on the treadmill while Lil’ G napped and Miss A played dress up and watched  some library DVD of Hannah Montana and Zach and Cody for the umpteenth time.

Today, amidst laundry, dishes, getting the rest of the Halloween decorations put away, starting Miss A’s science fair project with her and keeping Lil’ G from turning all the knobs of the stove on (her new favorite) I am hoping to whip out at least 2k.

I know to do this it will have to be done in fits and starts, so my plan is to engage in scene sprinting. I don’t know if this term has been around, but I just kind of made it up, something I would have my kids do once upon a time when I was a high school English teacher.

The concept of scene sprints is simple: take all the little half formed scenes floating around your brain and get ’em out, maybe you write a sentence, maybe a paragraph, maybe a page  – as soon as the words stop flowing move on to the next scene in your head. Later, when the mood strikes, you can go back and flesh the scenes out. It’s kind of like a mental clean sweep – get those scenes out of the way to make room for new ones…all while beefing up your word count.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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