Sprint Results: The Big Mac Rap, a discussion of woolen undergarments, and parquet floors

The scene sprint turned out to be quite productive. I logged just over 3k and got out at least one well developed scene and left plenty of ideas in limbo but with a promising start. Some highlights from Thursday’s scene sprint:

-my heroine performs the Big Mac rap for a man who reminds her of some cross breed of Hagrid and Laura Ingalls’ father

– while a new friend helps the heroine figure out how to put on the array of clothing required in the 1880’s, a heated argument about the pros and cons of woolen underwear ensues…and my heroine ultimately chooses to go commando

– during a scene in which an argument takes place in a dining room (ball room, maybe?) I mention striding across a parquet floor…now I need to go and see if a parquet floor is actually what I think it is, and if they even existed in estate homes in the time and locale I have  found myself in

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