All Hail the Google and a fawn by any other name is, well, not a fawn

It’s been awhile since I’ve burned the midnight oil so many nights in a row, probably not since Miss A was a screaming cranky mess of a baby (Lil G has been a good sleeper pretty much since day 1, BLESS her).

Trying to squeeze NaNo writing time into my day just isn’t happening, so I end up having to make my day last longer, and have been up writing most nights til the clock rolls over on a new day. This is starting to mess with my cognitive abilities I fear, after all – I’m getting older, I can’t knock out a week of all-nighters like in my old college days.

I have had a killer headache for the better part of 2 days and it’s what I blame for the following: in the middle of a scene I was writing just now I had to stop and do a homonym word check, because my former English teacher self just couldn’t remember the answer…and here is what the Google told me:

faun or fawn? Do not confuse the spelling of faun and fawn, which sound similar. A faun is a mythological being depicted as part man and part goat; a fawn is a young deer. Fawn is also an adjective and noun referring to a pale yellowish brown color, as in a fawn jacket, or a verb meaning “try to win favor” or “attempt to please somebody,” as in fawning over the celebrities he interviews.

Miss A is convinced that the Google knows everything…she might be right. Long live the Google.

And in case you’re wondering, “fawn” was the word I needed…no Mr. Tumnus-like dudes hopping around in my story.

Not yet anyways.

If I get a little more over-tired, anything is possible.

Anybody have some good headache remedy suggestions? Or want to send a massage therapist to my house?

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