Celebrate the Holidays With the World in Your Mailbox

I can’t think of a kid that doesn’t love getting mail. Heck, I still love getting mail (the hand written notes and cards kind).  So I was super excited when I found out about the International Family Holiday Card Exchange Hosted by Kids Craft Weekly. Basically, once you sign up, you will receive a list of 10 families to mail holiday cards to. The only rule is it that the cards have to be home-made/handmade by kids. It is free to join, but each family is responsible for the cost of postage (and craft supplies) – the family assignment is arbitrary – you can’t choose where or who you will be mailing cards to, or getting cards from. I think that adds to the excitement!

KCW is a delightful site that creates free newsletters full of all sorts of crafty goodness and great ideas for projects you can do at home with your kids. Based out of Australia, the site is always a fun place to visit.

kids craft weekly button

I just discovered KCW earlier this year, so this will be my first time trying the card exchange. Site creator Amber does a much better job explaining the details so don’t waste your time here – go check it out! The deadline to sign up for the exchange is November 18th.

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