You know that feeling you get when you first fall in love, and you have to tell everyone about so-and-so, you just can’t stop talking about so-and-so, you can’t wait to see so-and-so again?

Well, I fell in love Saturday night.

Don’t worry, the husband was with me…and no, things didn’t get kinky…(though the 2 of us have been propositioned by others to join in such activities…more than once ).

I fell in love with a little place called Cooper’s Hawk. It’s a winery and restaurant that I want to move next door to so I can get a little tipsy and toddle on home every night. Well, the food is so divine it wouldn’t be long before I did more than toddle, I suppose I’d roll like an overstuffed butterball turkey.

I first learned of the place when I tried their rhubarb wine at a wine festival over the summer.  I finally got a chance to check them out for my birthday (yes, I have said goodbye to another year – or hello to a new one if you’re feeling optimistic).  Oh let me tell you, it is a wine lush’s heaven.

They have a tasting room and you can sample away while you wait for a table. Then once you are seated you can sample a few more to see if the one they recommend with the meal you have chosen is one you actually like. And – if I wasn’t already smitten – and it’s not because I was more than halfway to tipsytown already, but they serve yummy wonderful warm pretzel bread before the meal. I could make a dinner out of the wine and bread, quite honestly.

We had the Viognier with dinner, and it was perfect.

I knew I already loved their rhubarb wine, and tasted (then bought) their cranberry wine. I plan to sample their cherry and plum wines the next chance I get.

I’m thinking of doing quite a bit of holiday shopping there, so if you’re on my gift list, try to act surprised when you get a couple of bottles of their wine.

cooper's hawk

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