Advice from a Muse

One of my beloved Monday Muses, Miss Aimee of Artsyville, recently posted some materials she created for a workshop on lettering she taught at KU.

One of the hand-outs she created was a stream of consciousness instructional “lecture” on how to just let go and create. I am totally stealing her words and applying them to my writing, it has given me the little inspirational boost I needed today, I hope it does the same for you!

Send your inner professor to the hall for there is no judge here – no grade – no critique – only you and your pen and your paper and your process and whatever you might discover along the way.

Pretty awesome huh? It looks even better in her unique doodle-y design:

aimee professor in the hall

Her advice might have originally been intended for hand crafting your own lettering designs, but it can so easily be applied to any art…so take her words to heart, send your inner professor out the door and create something!

Thanks for the dose of inspiration Miss Aimee!

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