Turkey Time

One of Miss A's craft projects from last Thanksgiving.
One of Miss A's craft projects from last Thanksgiving.

One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is that it gives me an excuse to make all the fun little crafty things I used to love creating when I was a kid. From cotton ball Santa Beards to handprint turkeys, I really enjoy making holiday craft projects with Miss A (and Lil’ G is starting to want to get in on the action too, now).

If you enjoy all the messy fun of glitter and glue, construction paper and crayons, popsicle sticks and googly eyes – and you don’t mind your holiday decorations consisting of freakishly odd shaped turkeys and pumpkins, then you’ll appreciate the following resource: a really neat little craft website, Crafty Crow posted a wonderful collection of Thanksgiving craft ideas all in one spot; go see what kind of Turkey Crafts you think you would enjoy, and have some gobbley-good fun (yes, I just typed that).

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