And I Declare That All My Heroines Shall Be Bootylicious

I’ve learned a few things along my NaNo 2009 journey, some of which I already knew: like trying to write when the kids are around is simply FFF: (Freakin’…or Flippin’…or the other less polite choice) Futile and Frustrating. I can blog with the kids afoot, literally. Lil G’ is pulling on my leg as I type this and Miss A is bombarding me with a series of questions like, “How much money is two quarters and one penny plus another quarter?” and “Why can I only blow up a balloon a little bit?”

So I’ll get that kind of writing done any time of day, the blogging and message board post kind – but the “real” writing – the story development/world building/dialogue and character stuff  writing – that needs more focus and attention and I just can’t do it when I have my Mama hat on.

But I also learned that if you make the time, the story will come, and the more you write, the more story there is! I don’t feel like as I get more words on paper I am running out of things to write about. Instead, as I write the scenes in my head more scenes branch off and connect and fuel more stuff to write about!

One not so important yet still significant thing I have decided while writing this novel is that I will try to avoid making all my heroines redheads (I have an overwhelming affinity for this breed, as you may have noticed). In my NaNo novel, for example, the main character has black hair. However,  I will grant one concession to my…vanity, I guess you could call it – or maybe self-indulgement is a better word (even though I’m not sure that’s a real word at all): in each story I create, all my heroines shall be bootylicious…that’s right – they will be blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) with more than their fair share of junk in the trunk.

It will be my trademark; readers everywhere will say, “Oh, her – I love her books, all the female leads have big butts!” My book tours will be full of me autographing crazed fans’ backsides (ok, maybe not).

Well, hopefully they will love my books for many other reasons, but you get the idea.

And the men in my books – they will L-O-V-E their ladies with the lushly rounded bottoms. I think a preference for a bountiful booty is an endearing quality in a man, don’t you? Instantly ups the hero on the likability scale.

So tell me, is there any one thing about you personally that you can’t help but include in your characters?

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