Yoda says, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Writing 50,ooo words in one month is certainly easier than lifitng an X-wing fighter out of a swamp with just my mind.

So I gotta take that short little green Jedi Master’s advice and get to it it  – not try to make my goal, but do it.

It’s crunch time for NaNo writers everywhere, the last 3 days are upon us. After pulling an all-nighter with an upchucking six year old, working on my novel was far from easy, but I managed to kick out a little over 1k this evening while she chilled on the couch and watched lots and lots and LOTS of t.v.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting my NaNo buddy for a writing cram session – she is already in the 60,000 range and already a winner, but wants to actually finish her novel. I know my won’t be finished at 50k, but I’ll start with that goal first.

So amidst the present shopping, tree trimming, obligatory visits to relatives and loads and loads of puke encrusted laundry I will be earning my NaNo’s winner badge.

I am a Jedi.

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