Edward is watching you…while you pee.

Let’s just take a look at this for a moment, shall we?

ShowerCurtainI really don’t need to say anything more.

This gem, along with 9 other Twilighterrific products, is from a post my darling husband sent to me. The man loves to tease me since I read all the Twilight books this past October (and made him watch the first movie with me when I NetFlixed it, and then went out and watched the second movie with a friend). I enjoyed the series, but I am by no means a fan, and certainly not one who would hope to see anything from THIS LIST under the tree Christmas morning.

Aside from the creepy shower curtain, my favorites included:

pattspanties1Dude, if a guy actually made it far enough with a girl who would slip these on in the first place…he just might be weird enough to go ahead and slip them off.

With his fake vampire teeth.

Because you know he’s wearing them.

It’s how he got her into bed to begin with.

And of course, once he got those undies off, he’ll need one of these – because DEAR GOD PLEASE DON’T REPRODUCE!

TwilightCondomsAnd my husband’s personal favorite, more for the poster’s comment about attacking it with a lead pipe in the middle of the night than anything else…

TwilightSihouetteAll’s I gotta say is that there is no way that thing is going into a bedroom like that…there needs to be waaaaaaay more stuffed animals.

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