Feliz Navidad & Bob Rivers: On the Air with Miss A and Mr J

Recently, Miss A had a chance to visit a local radio station and hang out with the disc jockeys for a bit. Our homeschool group was invited to come to the station and get a little on-air time, answering questions about what it is like to be a homeschool kid, and since it was right before the holidays, there were some Christmas questions thrown in as well.

Miss A and her homeschool buddy Mr. J (whom you may remember from the Hawaii proposal) were the first to get behind the mic. These two are anything but shy: both loquacious and precocious, it was sure to be interesting.

My favorite moments (aside from their unsolicited commentary on Michael Jackson) included Miss A singing Feliz Navidad, and Mr J blowing the d.j.’s away by spotting Bob Rivers’ name on their title screen.

Here it is: On the air with Miss A and Mr J!

I apologize for the shaky video at first, I’ve only used my new Flip (thanks Joyce!) a few times and am still getting the hang of it 😉 it gets better later on!

And click HERE for an audio clip to skip all the extra stuff and just hear how they sounded on-air.

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