It’s the dawn of a new decade, and I’m joining the Dark Side

Yes, 2010 is here, and I have finally crossed over…given in…taken the plunge…I have joined the Dark Side FaceBook.

For years now friends have encouraged me to get on board and I have demurred and ran screaming (well, not really that last bit). Partly because I get my blogging fix on this here site, and partly because I harbored some secret hope that the legions of suckers Facebook users would all get hit with some crazy computer virus/identity scandal and me, in my brilliant move to not go with the flow, would avoid the travesty and could stand on my isolated mountain top of non-web-socialization and laugh.

Well, it’s 1-2-2010 and I have become a sucker joined Facebook. Aside from connecting to friends and keeping up with such important things as their favorite t.v. shows and what they ate for dinner last night, I joined to help spread the word about my theatre company, and to beg people to buy my book when it eventually gets published (notice I did not say “if”).

And yes, I’ll admit it’s pretty cool to see how people from my past are doing.

So if you have joined FaceBook years ago, or like me, are just getting on board the mothership now, look me up and we’ll be FBFFF (face book friends forever  – I just made that up). I made it easy with a little link you can click on (check it out over in the sidebar).

Don’t worry, I promise not to waste your time posting about what I had for dinner last night.

Unless it was really really good.

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