The Crying Game

Over at the Quiet Life, Monday Muse Miz Booshay was talking about how she cries readily and regularly at movies (me too), how she cried during the first 10 minutes of UP (me too, just saw that with Miss A last weekend), and how, amongst fellow movie criers, when watching Julie&Julia, she was alone with her tears (I haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll have to let you know).

Her post got me thinking about the movies that have made me cry the most – and the ones that are sure to make me cry every time I see them (which is why I avoid some of them – they pack an emotional punch I only need to get hit with once, kwim?)

One such movie for me is What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I cry during so many parts of that film, but it’s the moment after the mother passes away and there is the issue with the stairs that I just lose it completely. If you know my family, you’ll understand why, I think.

I cry, of course, during Gone With the Wind, when Scarlett calls for Rhett and he doesn’t know, when Bonnie dies, and of course, when she finally realizes she loves him just a little too late.

I admit it, I cried during Titanic.

I cried during Somewhere in Time, sigh, I love that movie.

I cried during Shakespeare in Love, SIGH, I love that movie even more.

Miz Booshay talks about having the good movie cry  – you know, the joyful cry – tears of happiness – and I’m trying to think of movies that spark that in me, I know it has happened, I just can’t recall any right at this moment…

I’ll think about it and get back to you…

after all, sometimes a solid happy cry is good for the soul.

Especially after watching Gilbert Grape.

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