Book Binge has Great Taste!

One of the positive things I am discovering about joining FaceBook is that it is easier for me to keep abreast (please pause for a moment to let your inner junior high boy giggle, done? ok) of the latest from my fav sites I don’t do a daily visit to (yes, I can do that from GoogleReader, but FB makes it so much easier for the lazy person hiding in me).

This was how I discovered that:

A – I totally missed an awesome series of book giveaways for the 12 days of Christmas at Book Binge

and B – they are featuring Karen Marie Moning in their author spotlight this month.

I love Karen’s books. The Highlander time travel series and the Fever series, she writes fun heroines, sexy sexy heroes and great dialogue. So yay for Karen!

Right now they are hosting a tournament of KMM heroes, so go and place your vote. Oh, and you can vote for more than one (kinda like having your cake and eating it too…but if I think about that too long in reference to KMM’s heroes I’ll need a cold shower).

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