So I’m Fickle

In November I talked about my love for the recently discovered website, Pandora – in which I was able to listen to music while madly typing my way towards my 50k goal.

I loved Pandora, I loved how it introduced me to new artists based on stuff I already liked (hello Frou Frou and Jem (no, not with the Holograms). I loved the cute little widget I can add to my website and share what I’m listening to (I always find it interesting to see what kind of music people like). I loved that I could build different “radio stations” based on my mood or what I was doing.

But all was not perfect  in the Pandora world…my biggest beef is the limit they place on how much you can listen for free…well then, that’s not really “free” anymore.

Then along came…oh sweetness and light, I am saved! This site is really neat – totally free, listen as long as I like, and a big list of free mp3s available to download to boot. They also allow you to select artists you like and build playlists based upon your taste, and they include videos (cool, huh?)!

Sorry Pandora, I just found something a little better.

I hope we can still be friends.

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