Trying not to call it Failure…

I really wanted to post everyday in May.


But here it is not the end of the first week and already I skipped 2 days…if this was a diet I’d be thinking, “I’ve already screwed up, I might as well have another glass of wine…

But if I learned anything from my latest experience competing in The Biggest Loser, you can’t let one mess-up turn into a complete screw-up. View the set-back as a reality check, not as an excuse to give up and start all over again some other time. (And if you’re curious, I didn’t win this time around, but I lost about 18 inches and about the same number of pounds).

So, yes, I screwed up. I stayed up too late searching vacation destinations with the husband (more on that later), putting together lesson plans for my drama company, and designing a t-shirt for this season’s sand volleyball team.

So I missed two days, but I’m here now. Moving forward and hoping to meet my goal.

Like exercise, I have decided to try this approach: just do it for a little bit, it’s better than nothing.

I find that to be a very successful approach, and it has gotten my butt out the door for more workout time than ever. I no longer let the fact that somehow the two hours I had planned to workout have dwindled down to 30 minutes stop me from making the most out of the 30 minutes I have.

Like yesterday, between laundry and dishes and Lil G sticking everything from pencil erasers to the key to Miss A’s diary in her mouth, the time I had planned to lace up my sneakers and get outside came and went.ย  I refused to give up though. With the clock ticking ever closer to when I would have to pick up Miss A from school (part of the blessing/curse that no longer being a homeschooler entails) I got out there and got my run done – I didn’t have time to finish the full 5k I had planned, and only managed just over 2.5 miles, but that’s 2.5 miles more than nothing!

So, on nights I don’t have the time (or energy) to create long, meaningful posts (not that I do that often in the first place), I will log on and write something – anything, and see where it leads.

Again, it will be better than nothing!

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