Come Vacation…in Beautiful Wildwood


Yeah, that’s kind of what I thought when the husband and I were doing a blind search of possible lakefront vacation spots in the mid-west…

Check out this beauty:

Wow. What luxury!(Turns out this baby isn’t on Lake Michigan, but the Mississippi river instead.)

For a little background info, Wildwood is that lake neighborhood we all know – it’s sort of a modern white-trash (if you’ll excuse such an un-pc term) Wild West (or Wild Mid-West). Fireworks every night, garages turned into dens of iniquity (well, if guzzling beer, watching sports and burning stuff in portable fire pits qualifies as iniquitable), and kids buzzing around on various noise polluting scooter-type vehicles.

I joke about Wildwood, but places like this are in many ways great neighborhoods to live in – there are no annoying regulations about what color mailbox you can have, what type of wood your fence should be made of,  and whether that plastic Elvis is allowed to take up residence on your front lawn.

Sure, such freedom comes with a price, and you have to endure noisy fire work-drenched nights and navigate streets filled with boats parked on the curb…but overall, the character and flavor the freedom in these neighborhood allows is refreshing.

Except when you’re planning a vacation.

At least for me anyway…when I think of vacation, I think of spas and maid service and leisurely breakfasts in which I don’t have t do the dishes.

I certainly don’t think of shed-like buildings miles away from the nearest restaurant.

But that’s just me.

As for finally reaching a desicion on where to have an enjoyable vacation  – I’ll tell you more about that later.

But right about now, I need a vacation from trying to plan a vacation.

I’ll tell you one thing though, we won’t be going here:

If this is your idea of a getaway, that’s cool – have fun lightin’ some fireworks and burning stuff.

I plan to be chillin’ on my balcony off the lake, without a garage door party in sight.

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