My Biggest Fear

Putting aside all the major stuff like anything happening to my family, cancer, car accidents, tornadoes, and what not…my biggest fear in all the world is…are you ready?

Wearing a swim suit.

In public.

I haven’t done it in nearly 10 years…2002 was probably the last time that much of my skin was exposed at one time outside my own house.

The idea of strolling around with all my imperfections on display for anyone’s inspection makes me more than a little queasy.

I know, I know – I need to get over myself.

We are heading out for a lil’ vacation this summer – and I really can’t avoid it – I’m going to have to wear a swim suit.  I promised my husband I would.

So it’s time for my personal boot camp – I swear I am more motivated to look good then I was for my wedding! (Maybe because I already looked pretty darned good then?)

Started this morning with a 5am alarm so I could squeeze a workout in before Mama duties called. I may have been a bit overzealous with the alarm…my husband made some comment along the lines of “I think you just woke Jesus up.” Whether the King of Kings sleeps on U.S. Central time lies beyond my knowledge…but I got his general point. So, I managed to get out of bed Day 1…let’s hope I can do the same tomorrow.

Cuz’ you know what’s looming ahead of me, don’t you?

The thing I fear only slightly less than wearing a swim suit in public…

shopping for one.

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