Weekword: FLAVOR

It had been a loooooong time since I stopped by one of my favorite Monday Muse sites: Miss Aimee over in Artsyville. While there, I saw she had posted a new weekword: Flavor.  I hear that word and I think of big international festivals with lots of food, music, dancing, and more food from different cultures. However, yesterday afternoon, while enjoying the quintessential summer playdate at a friend’s – sunshine and  sprinklers in the backyard. So after making wet butt print art on the fence, the kiddos chilled out with a frozen treat. It was the first time either of my girls ate a Fudgesicle (or is it Fudgsicle?) and the results were hilarious, and full of flavor!

And thank goodness there was a handy sprinkler nearby for cleanup afterwards!

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