Singing and Driving

You know those songs that make you tap your fingers on the steering wheel, pump your foot (hopefully NOT the one on the gas/brake) and just sing at the top of your lungs? Love those songs. Love how it makes me feel better, even when I’m stuck in the purgatory of Chicago-land traffic.

Sara Barielles is one of those artists who consistently puts out songs that make me feel this way. I LOVE her newest release, King of Anything, off the album Kaleidoscope Heart (just came out this past Tuesday!)

Guess what? Last month I won two tickets to see her at The House of Blues in November!!! It’s the first time I ever won a call-in radio contest. (Well, I guess that’s not too surprising, considering the last time I entered such a contest was when I was 11 or so and trying desperately to win tickets to see New Kids On the Block.)

And yes, if you’re wondering, at the concert I will probably be singing right along with Sara. At the top of my lungs. I apologize to my husband in advance.

So, ok, fess up – who makes you want to belt it out while on the road?

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