Defining One’s Self

Book Binge, a fun review site – is having their annual month long Back-To-School book giveaway. Each day they offer up a selection of novels as a prize – all you have to do is leave a comment to enter. Each day’s prize comes with a different conversational question…today’s was: Were you part of a pack aka clique or were you more of a loner?
Answering this question somehow provided me with a definition of myself I had never thought of before – but once writing it down, it really seemed to fit – it just seemed right. In high school, I had a variety of friends from different traditional cliques – I had my sporty friends I would hang out with in the Commons since, as Varsity players, we got to skip P.E. I had my brainy friends from the Honors classes I was taking (it was pretty much the same group of kids in all the various A.P. classes, so we got to know each other rather well). Then I had my friends from theatre – and these were my closest pals – the ones I stayed in touch with long after high school.

That's me on the far right (yes, I was wearing jean shorts with nylons - don't ask) with my closest high school pals, clearly we all had more than our fair share of dramatic flair.

So, looking at my interests, my passions, my friends – I decided that I was an eclectic soul…and really, that pretty much sums it up.

Next time someone asks me to describe myself, that’s what I’ll say: “I have an eclectic soul.”

And then I’ll say I’m a red head.

Because that in itself says a lot.

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