Open Call for Healthy Halloween Snacks

Sometimes I wonder why I chose to teach high school rather than the primary grades, since I love all the crafty fun stuff a primary teacher gets to d. I ended up indulging this part of myself by putting stickers on my high school students’ tests – yes, even the Seniors – and yes, they still liked it! And…I love putting together kid parties. So I had no problem volunteering to organize Miss A’s class Halloween party. A craft, a game or two, some fun decorations…and treats.  While I welcome ideas for all categories, it’s the latter I need the most help with…if you’re like most people, Halloween is all about (as Garfield would say) “Candy, candy, CANDY!!!”  However, at Miss A’s school they have a party treat policy: only 1 “indulgent” treat is allowed, the rest of the offerings must be healthy.

So when I say Amy’s post today over at Living Locurto, I thought it was adorable, and then I thought about how I could make it work in Miss A’s class.

Here’s the original treat:

Amy called it an “Owl Smore”  –  a graham cracker with marshmallows, yellow candy melts and chocolate chips for the eyes, and a candy corn nose.

I think these are clever and fun, and a great idea for the party; but while I can get away with the graham cracker under the heading of “healthy” the rest, not so much…so here’s what I came up with:

Replace the marshmallows with banana slices

Substitute pineapple or nectarine circles for the candy melts

Swap out the chocolate chips for raisins

Leave the candy corn nose, cuz honestly? It’s one freakin’ piece of candy corn.

I’m thinking I’ll make the fruit circles ahead of time, but wait to slice the bananas til the actual party (brown bananas = GROSS!) and then let the kids arrange their own owls. (Snack + craft = WIN!)

So…any other healthy Halloween treat ideas? Let me know!

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