Baby Legs Innovations

I was pretty lucky with Lil’ G…aside from all the wonderful things about her health, beauty, brains, etc (no, I’m not biased in my opinion, why do you ask?); and aside from the fact that she is a wonderful go-to-bed-at-nighter and sleeper, I was lucky with Lil G’  because she was born in the same season as Miss A…and of course I saved almost all of Miss A’s outfits…so I had very little to do in the way of shopping for baby #2. In fact, I probably could have avoided shopping at all (well, except for diapers – I never could get into the whole cloth diapering thing).

Little girls are notoriously fun to buy for though, so Lil’ G’s wardrobe acquired a few new things here and there. Most notably, her collection of Baby Legs. As I mentioned in a post awhile back, I LOVE BabyLegs…I developed a bit of an addiction to them, I’m afraid.

So as soon as the summer weather tipped a bit towards the chill of fall, I eagerly dug into my supply of BabyLegs and decked Lil’ G out.

It seems Lil’ G has begun to have an opinion on fashion, and doesn’t hesitate to “adjust” her outfits, as she did here:

Remind you of anything? Let me help jog your's the 1980's, there's a movie about a girl who loves to dance, buckets of falling water may have been involved.

Turning all her “tights” into leg warmers Jennifer Beals would weep with envy over was only the beginning. Next, Lil’ G figured out a way to make her clothing more useful:

She discovered they function conveniently as toy holders.

Lil' G seems quite pleased with the spot she found for Angel Cake to hang out.

I can’t wait to see what other uses she comes up with for her BabyLegs.

Thanks to the buying bonanza I went through last year, she’ll have plenty of opportunities.

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