Sit for a Bit

Now that Miss A is back in school, Lil’ G and I have resumed our daily walks together. I am a total outdoors girl, and since birth, Lil’ G is as well. When she was still a little baby, the husband and I coached Miss A’s flag football team (ok, THAT was a learning experience, one that I don’t think I shall ever repeat). My folks were kind enough to come over and watch Lil’ G while we were at weekly practices. Lil’ G did not like this arrangement too much, and stridently made her displeasure known. The only way my parents were able to keep her calm, quiet, and relatively happy was to take her outside and push her in the stroller.  As the fall nights progressively got cooler they tried bringing her inside, but no can do – the only time she ceased her ear-drum rattling screams was when she was outside.

So what I’m saying is, Lil’ G and I, we really relish our afternoon walks. We both get some fresh air, and it seems to be the only time she’ll settle down for a real nap. I strap her into the jogging stroller, load her up with snacks and a drink, tuck a blanket around her legs, and head out. We usually truck it for anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half (about 4 – 6 miles), enough time for Lil G to get a decent nap, and for me to make decent headway into whatever audiobook I currently have dialed up on the ipod (right now it’s The River Knows by Amanda Quick  – I am really enjoying it, and the narrator is awesome!)

It also allows me to not feel guilty if I don’t get any other kind of workout in for the day.

Anyways, on one of our recent treks, I happened across an interesting lawn ornament – it immediately made me think of Monday Muse Miss Aimee, who always seems to find the most unique things whenever she is out and about. So I made a point to bring my camera with on the next walk, and snapped a few pics.

Strolling down a side street, I came across this interesting little piece of furniture.
It was quite an adorable little thing.
And what a friendly invitation!

Now, whenever I choose to head that direction on a walk and pass that chair, I smile and think of Ms Aimee over in Artsyville.  Speaking of, Artsyville is aptly named, and Ms Aimee’s walks are much more fruitful in the funky and fun dept. Case in point, check out her post from today, in which she shares with us her most recent discoveries while out on a walk with her own  small person in a jogging stroller. We mamas have to find our inspiration where we may!

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