A Sweet Giveaway

Last Friday I posted a plethora of giveaways flyin’ around cyber space. Guess who won one of them? (say that fast, love those homophones!) Yes, me, I won. One. Of them. Prizes, that is. A little birdie dropped by to tell me that the Miloushka necklace I admired is mine for the taking! Yippee! (This week that same Birdie is hosting a free “takeaway” of some cute Halloween printables.)

Since I won that one (do you see how I’m trying to work those two words into as many sentences as possible?) I may have to buy the bracelet and earrings to match. It’s like when I have a coupon for a free drink at Sbux…I end up leaving an extra big tip.

Gaze upon my prize with envy (I’m kidding! If you like it, go buy one, her prices are very reasonable!)

Add this win to the Sara Barielles tickets I won last month, and I’d say I’m having a streak of good luck! Maybe I should run out to the store and buy a few lotto tickets, hmm? I’m hoping my luck continues and I win the giveaway currently being hosted by Indie Tot, a website devoted to helping parents find cool unique stuff for their kidlets.

Indie Tot is giving away a $15 gift certificate to the Etsy Shop: Lil Lollipops Designs.

Now, this candy corn tutu Indie Tot posted is freakin’ adorable:

But once I paid a visit to Lollipop’s store, I fell in love with these:

They’re called capelets, and I LOVE them! They remind me of the little poncho I found for Lil’ G when she was a baby:

Except a little more sophisticated. And without the hood. But still, really REALLY adorable.

The owner of Lil Lollipops Designs is a delightfully friendly mama to two  girls and she really impressed me with her customer service – she is working with me on designing a custom capelet for Lil’ G – I can’t wait to see what we finally decide on, and don’t worry – I’ll be sure to post all the cuteness here when the package arrives!

Sidenote, I fear I may be developing an addiction to Etsy.

With all the cute things Lil Lollipop has to offer, I could really use that gift certificate; I’m not greedy though, so go enter the contest too and see if my luck rubs off on you ;).

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