Timeless Play

Ah, the first weekend of fall. The next month will be a whirlwind of activity as we try and cram all the forest walks, corn mazes, pumpkin farms, costume parties, bonfires, and leaf crafts we can manage into one month. Sometimes scheduling all this “family fun” turns into something almost stressful and I need to take a step back and remember it’s ok if we skip or miss a harvest festival here or there.

The first of the fall festivals on our agenda was today, and we almost missed it. The husband got stuck on a work call and our plans for the day started to whittle away. Rather than get bummed about it I rounded up Miss A and Lil’ G and we headed out for an afternoon of fun sans Dada. I know my husband would have preferred to be with us than in his office at home, but he’ll be glad to know the girls enjoyed a glorious time in the fall sunshine riding ponies, painting pumpkins and just being kids.

It’s that last part – the just being kids part – that I need to remember sometimes when I start to get the urge to rush the girls from one activity to the next. This afternoon, perhaps because I knew our plans were already out-of-synch, or perhaps because I knew we didn’t have to get home in time for the Bears game, I relaxed and just let the girls decide.

For Lil’ G it meant time to play with that friend of every child that has ever had some fun in the sun – her shadow.

I love watching my kids play with their shadows; something about it never gets old for me.

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