This Birthday Party has Been Brought to You by the Letter G and the Number 2

This year Lil’ G turned 2.

At the time, she was into all things E-L-M-O, so it didn’t require an advanced education to decide what her birthday party theme should be.

This week, since I’m finally getting around to taking Lil’ G in for her 2 year check-up, I figure I should finally get around to sharing the fun of that day as well. It wasn’t THAT long ago, but long enough to allow her devotion to waver from the furry little red dude to a bi-lingual girl with a football haircut and a pet monkey with a shoe fetish.

(No plans for a fiesta de Dora are in the works yet – I have plenty of time before Lil G’s third birthday rolls around, and at the rate she’s going, she’ll have moved through princesses, fairies, and girls who like berries by then.)

But back to this year, and Lil’ G’s birthday celebration with her main man Elmo.

It was nice of him to come to the party.

I knew there would be toddlers running around dribbling cake and crackers and who knows what else, so we held the party in the back yard. Since we were outside, I kept the decorations minimal.

My big splurge was this ridiculously large helium Elmo balloon. It was windy the day of the party, and Elmo entertained us by bopping guests in the head. I was petrified the thing would blow away and take down a chopper. (Well, not really)

I’m pretty lucky, in that both my dad and my brother enjoy playing baker – and they each tried their hand at making a cake for Lil’ G.

My dad did his cake freehand, and he did a very nice job…even if Elmo looks like he’s had a bit too much cake himself recently.
My brother used one of those shaped  cake pans. I’ve never tried using one myself, but I’ve heard it’s harder than it looks – so I’m glad he did it; I think it looks great!
Looks aside, by the way it was gobbled up – it tasted pretty good too.
Especially that red frosting.
Aside from cake, a snack table was set up, where another furry dude made an appearance (this one blue).
Also present was Elmo’s pet and best pal, Dorothy.
Using votive bowls from Michaels for about $1 each, they made cute party favors.
Guests also got a goody bag filled with a silly straw, Sesame street coloring book, crayons and stickers…total cost of each Goody Bag ~ $5.  (I love the Dollar Store!) To make the Elmo faces, I cut circles out of red card stock and folded them in half (this way I was able to write a “Thank You for Celebrating With Me Today!” note inside). The nose was an oval cut from orange cardstock, the eyes small circles cut from plain white paper. Simple and quick to assemble, give the birthday kid a glue stick and s/he can help! (Or you could even turn it into a craft station during the party).
And this blue guy again.
Just circles cut from cardstock, but it took me awhile to get the hang of it, and it was funny to see the variations in my design. I would have used googly eyes, but I couldn’t find my stash of ’em.

A lot of the ideas you see here were inspired by a post at DESIGN DAZZLE. One idea that I take complete credit for, however – was the “fairy tent.” I pulled the girls’ princess tent outside, loaded it with wands and wings (of which we have MANY) and plunked this sign down in front of it:

Lil G’s older sister, Miss A, decorated this sign for her.
I think it turned out pretty cute!
It was a big hit with the birthday girl.
Even the boys had fun at the fairy school.

In the end, it was a lovely party. Lots of laughter and fun.

We enjoyed fresh air, sunshine, and fairly simple clean up. I love outdoor parties!

And most importantly, one happy birthday girl.

Need some party ideas? I am submitting this post to BirdCrafts DIY Celebration Linky Party. Go check it out and get inspired!

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