Things I Could Accomplish If Only I had My S Together

Or at least if I had it together better. Or would that be better together?

Peanut butter and chocolate. That’s better together.


I have a to-do list a gazillion miles long, but the real problem is, I have a gazillion to-do lists. One for chores around the house. One for stuff to fix around the house. One for what I need to do for the kids. One for want I want to do with the kids. One for vacation ideas. One for gift ideas. One for where I need to be and when I’m supposed to be there. One for what I need to buy. One for what I need to budget. One for what I need to sell (or just get rid of). One for working out. One for my business. One for writing. One for hobbies like scrapbooking and photography. I make lists, some of them only mental, of books I want to read and movies I still want to see. I even have a list for blog posts I’d like to do. Lists help keep me sane, but they also freak me out by putting just how much I want/need/would like to do in black and white. So I tend to scramble from one list to the next, never seeming to get enough done on any single list of to-do’s.

High up on the what I wish I had more time for list is completing a novel (you know, like the one I wrote for NaNo last November) and getting it on the road to being published. I have a list for that too.

I recently signed up for the Carina Press newsletter and was excited to see that they are hosting an “online editor pitch” – they are calling for a two paragraph blurb of a manuscript in any genre and will choose 5 of the submissions to enter a “pitch chat room” where each of the five writers will have 1-on-1 time with editor(s) to sell their book.

It’s a cool way to bring attention to your novel. Submissions are due by October 12th.  I’d be totally all over this.

Except my current manuscript is not complete. If I had my S together, I’d have finished the darn thing before the end of last year. Or at least in time to get my free printed copy (all NaNo writers who cross the 50k finish line are entitled to one). But nope. Still not done. Since last November I have managed to fill in some holes and flesh out a few more scenes but there are at least 3 or 4 chapters that need to be written. Two characters who need to develop more and an ending that needs serious polish.

When I first saw the pitch info I thought, “I can do this! I’ve got a few weeks! This is the push I needed!”

Except I forgot about all those other to-do lists for a moment. Ones that required immediate attention (involving kids, clean underwear, bills, and my sink full of dishes). I also had a 20 page script to write from scratch, songs that needed dance choreography, and insurance for my growing business.

Yes, I could/should have been working on the manuscript instead of posting stuff here, or entering all the contests at Pioneer Woman (I want one of those cameras, darn it!) or scanning and posting old pictures on FB…I should have, and I would have – if I had my S together better.

Part of the issue is my road to publishing list starts with querying agents first…pitching to e-pubs is farther down the road. Granted I’d be happy with any type of publishing contract, but I do have my list of  preferred methods and scoring an agent is at the top.

This is all pointless speculative chatter until I get my S together and finish the freakin’ manuscript!

NaNo starts up again in less than a month and I have my novel idea for this year brewin hot and heavy in my brain. It is crazy, but I have an incredible feeling about this book-to-be…I just know, KNOW, it will get published. I have rarely felt such confidence about something, but there it is.

I am quite aware that once the above novel gets going, the current WIP will get further shelved…which is why I really wish I would have devoted myself to it more. Ah well, let’s hope the adage, “Things happen for a reason” is more than just emotional balm and really does prove true. Meaning, the time is right for the current story taking up a great deal of my grey matter, and its completion (and publication!?!) will open the door for the other neglected one.

That is what I’m telling myself anyway.

It’s helping me keep my S together.

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