List It Tuesday / List 1: October (and a Bonus List from Miss A)

Mentioned all too recently, I am a list addict; and now Ms Aimee of Artsyille is enabling my list addiction with an all new blog feature: List It Tuesday. Go visit Artsyville and check out the list of listers, read mine, add yours, then make a list of your favorites.

My first List It Tuesday was fun to make and made me happy, so I say it was a success! I’m adding it to my “Top 10” page, which I haven’t added to in ages; are you impressed with my blogging multi-tasking yet?

Oh, and the other day I was cleaning off the kitchen table, and found something Miss A had doodled…I think she may have inherited my listing tendencies. Here, it appears she has made a list of “likes.” Happily, “mom and dad” are on the like list – at least on that particular day!

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