List It Tuesday 2: Desserts (and a bonus list from a fellow Mama)

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday and not Tuesday – to sorta explain, I really could have made a list: Top 10 Reasons I haven’t blogged since the last List It Tuesday, but nobody needs to hear me whine about being busy – it’s boring. And unattractive. And besides, at least half of the busy was good fun family busy.

So let’s pretend for a minute that it’s still Tuesday and proceed. First, from Miss Aimee, inventor of List It Tuesday we have an adorable blog button!

Now on to the list – a bit of a preface: on September 1st I swore off sugar. At least until my birthday (which is 9 months after Valentine’s Day…yeah it freaked me out the first time I did the math on that too, yikes!). I have been quite surprised and a little impressed by my willpower. Especially now during trick-or-treat season when the candy fairies are hard at work. So I decided to indulge my mental sweet tooth, and made a list of my TOP 10 Favorite Desserts…the funny thing is, it actually took me awhile to think of 10 things – some came right away, like lemon bars and strawberry rhubarb pie. But by dessert number 4 or 5 I was struggling to think of more sweets I REALLY liked.  Well, here you go – the top 10 items I would find hard to walk away from at a dessert table. What’s your indulgent favorite?

A friend of mine’s husband is out of town for a couple of days, so after the kiddos went to bed she invited a few mamas over for wine and girl talk. I made this list late last night while sipping rhubarb wine (from Cooper’s Hawk of course) and talking shop (mostly kids, husbands, school) with 2 of my favorite ladies. They couldn’t help but chime in, one noting the old palindrome that Desserts = Stressed (ha-ha), and the other agreeing that chocolate chip cookies are impossible to resist, but only when they are still hot from the oven. After that, they hold zero appeal. And while one friend decided she was sucker for any dessert with nuts – I realized that I hate any kind of nut in a brownie, but prefer Hershey bars with almonds. It’s amazing the little things you discover about yourself when you make a list!

This morning, the friend who hosted the little get together last night sent me an e-mail; and in it she included a list of her own (this list thing is addictive I tell ya!)

top ten list of ways to finish out a day while the husband is OOT and kids are asleep

10. Fold Laundry

9. Clear a Hot Spot

8. Surf the Web or do emails

7. Suduko

6. Read the dark fantasy book from Melonie

5. P90x

4. Work on placemats for A’s Craft Show

3. Finish the Halloween Costumes

2. Talk with my MIL on phone

1. Share some wine with friends

I’ll have to ask her what she means by #9;  and as for#6 – come back and visit me again this week, one of my favorite authors is releasing the fifth and final book in her Fever series, and as a way to promote the release, she has given some of her fans (that would be moi) a box of the first book in the series to pass out to whomever our little heart desires.  I’ll be giving some copies away right here on my blog sometime soon – so stay tuned!

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