12 Hours From Now

It’s noon on Halloween and I’m bichok in my bathrobe. It’s one of my nicer robes actually, and I had a wonderful hot shower this morning while the husband took care of the girls and emptied the dishwasher. (How’s THAT for a Halloween treat!?!?)

The bathrobe thing isn’t a costume, though I suppose frazzled mom who doesn’t have time to get dressed would make a great costume…no, I’m just waiting for my jeans to get out of the dryer. No costume for me this year, I’m gonna wear my Halloween t-shirt I bought on clearance from the circle store last year. It has a skull and bones on it and Lil’ G just loves it. Whenever I wear it she calls me “Pirate Mama.”

Anyways, in the next hour I need to be dressed and out the door with Daphne and Velma for some T-or-T time with the cousins, who live in the town next door where the trick or treating hours are completely different from ours. Then it’s back to the home digs to pass out candy and avoid dreaded tp-ing. The husband and I rotate shifts, so we each get to enjoy a little time with the girls.

But in a little less than twelve hours, after costumes, candy, cousins, friends, more candy, baths, bedtime stories, etc – when the clock strikes midnight tonight my NaNo 2010 journey shall begin.

Here’s my treat for you, a little bit of inspiration from Miss Aimee of Arstyille.

I love this print of hers – I bought it as a keychain and hooked it to my netbook case. I also recently made it as a screensaver for my netbook for the month of November. I think it’s a nice little reminder.

If you like it, you can buy this as a print, a magnet, or a keychain over at Ms Aimee’s Etsy shop. She is offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more from now until New Year’s Eve.

*I don’t get any kind of kickback or whatever for posting this, I just love Ms Aimee’s stuff and wanted to share!

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