You May Have Got Your Flu Shot, But You Can Still Catch the Fever!

As I mentioned sometime last week, one of my favorite authors, Karen Marie Moning, is releasing the fifth and final book in her Fever series this January. To celebrate, and to try and lure a few more fans to the “dark” side, she has asked some of her readers to “spread the fever.” That’s how a big ol’ box from Random House landed on my doorstop. Filled to the brim with a special edition free copy of the first book in the series, DarkFever.

My mission: to pass these books out to friends, family, and random strangers who have never read KMM’s work before and to introduce them to the Fever World.  I’ll be honest, I much prefer Karen’s other work – her sexy Highlander romance novels; but I respect the chance she took straying away from her “comfort” zone to write what she felt compelled to write, and to not bend or break under criticism or complaint. I followed her on the journey she took her readers on in this series, and look forward to seeing how it ends! If you have yet to enter the Fever world, then lucky you! You can enter to win one of the 5 books I’m giving away here on my site, and by the time you get through books 1-4, book 5 should be ready for release and you won’t have to wait in the same state of suspense the rest of have been in since last year!

TO ENTER: This is the 5th book, so I’m giving away 5 copies, and I’ll give you 5 chances to win. That kind of parallel stuff makes me happy. Here are the 5 ways you can enter. Please make each answer a separate comment so you earn another entry for each answer. Winners chosen at random. (There’s not too much traffic on this site, so I say your odds are pretty good!)

Contest will close at midnight on November 15th.

1: Follow The Original Drama Mama (see left sidebar). Leave a comment to let me know! If you already follow me, leave a comment saying so.

2: Visit Karen’s author site and check her books out. Leave a comment letting me know which one sounds like a book you’d like to read. (or if you have read some of her stuff before, leave a comment letting me know which one(s))

3: Leave a comment telling me about any book series you have ever followed, anxiously awaiting the next in the series to come out.

4: KMM is hosting a book release party in New Orleans…I’m hoping to go, since the husband and I had been considering a return trip there soon anyways to celebrate getting engaged there 10 (well, it will be 11 now) years ago. If you were to host a release party for a book, what city would you choose? Leave your answer in the comments!

5:  If you had to choose one city to visit, which would it be: London, England; Dublin, Ireland; or Edinburgh, Scotland? Tell me your choice in the comments!

*I am not being compensated in anyway for hosting this giveaway. As a fan of Karen’s, I offered to pass out books, and all I got out of it was a box of books to pass out to lucky people like you 🙂

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