Sara B at HOB: “We sold the f* out of this place!”

That was pretty much the first thing Sara said when she came onstage last night. She seemed pretty excited about the fact, and good for her!

Though the drive into Chicago absolutely sucked (on a Wednesday night? really?) we still got there in plenty of time to park, get just a teeny bit lost (we haven’t been to HOB in…12 years maybe? When we went to see Crystal Method),  find our way to the House of Blues, pick up my “free” tickets from the will-call booth (yay!), and shuffle around the various levels til we found a semi-decent spot to see the show.

The husband and I had 1 beer each…guess how much two bottles of beer cost? My guesstimate had been a $1 too low.

And,  true to our belief that wherever we go we are destined to run into someone one or both of us knows, a gal pal I went to college with was there, she had her first baby 9 months ago so we talked Mama shop for a few minutes and then enjoyed the incredible, genuine voice of Miss Sara B.

She played a fun set and really seemed to be enjoying herself onstage. The only song I was really hoping to hear that she didn’t play was One Sweet Love.  Of course she performed my new favorite, the very popular King of Anything, totally rocked Uncharted (which was great to hear live) and of course performed Love Song and Gravity (though the audience sang most of Love Song).  When I first heard Hold My Heart on the new album I  wasn’t in love with it, but it has really grown on me after hearing Sara perform it. I probably listened to it at least five times while writing last night. I also enjoyed hearing Fairytale live – and who knew, she has a half-sister the same age as Miss A.

I didn’t take any pics or anything (you’re not supposed, not that anyone follows that rule) but I’m hoping to find a few youtube uploads from the concert to link to here so you can enjoy it too! For now, I included some from her recent show at the House of Blues in Orlando – the whole look and feel is pretty much the same to what I saw last night.

She’ll be in Milwaukee tomorrow night, here is her tour schedule if you want to catch her!

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