List It Tuesday 5: Before I Turn 35

Once again I shall need to ask you all to pretend it is Tuesday for a moment as I am late getting this week’s list posted.

I had a birthday this weekend, and in alot of ways I think birthdays are the best time to makes resolutions. More personalized. So I cut up some strips of paper, wrote out some goals, aspirations, and things I’d like to check off the LIFE edition of my to-do list. Then I spread them out on some leftover gift wrap from one of my presents this weekend (more on that awesomeness later, let’s jut say I’m pretty lucky).

The result is this week’s List It Wednesday Tuesday!

See you next week, where I’m pretty sure I will be on time with the list since I am planning to take the tried and traditional route and will be posting a Things I’m Thankful For list in honor of that particular Thursday in November where we stuff a bird, and then stuff ourselves.

Don’t forget to link in for more List It Tuesdays with Miss Aimee in Arstyville!

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