Friday Fast Five

1. The new Harry Potter movie came out today! The husband and I will have to schedule a date night (hopefully in the next month) to go see it together. We rarely go to the movies, it’s almost an annual thing…we went for all the new Star Wars movies, of course. Then for all 3 Lord of the Rings movies. Now all that’s left is Harry Potter! I think after part two comes out we may not go see a movie together for a loooooong time.

2. Speaking of movies, next week Disny’s Tangled comes out and Miss A has been looking forward to it for months. We are going to try and turn it into a Girls’ Night Out with a few other Mama/Daughter couples, as part of the fun, we plan to make these really cute Bow/Clippie holders as a themed project. Now I just need to find yarn that resembles Miss A’s strawberry blonde locks.  One of my super crafty friends has her own version of this project, so we are going to meld the two ideas together for something really great!

3. Black Friday approaches…I think I will skip the lunacy this year. Every time I decide to brave the retail jungle on this most notorious of shopping days, I come away disgusted with the human race. I think I will brew up something hot and delicious, wear extra comfy pj’s and if I do any kind of shopping, it will be on-line.

4. My NaNo count is struggling. I have high hopes for plumping it up this upcoming holiday week when I have a small break from the usual daily demands. All I’m on the hook for is making dessert (I’m debating between THIS and THIS…I’ll probably make both…oh, and did anyone else catch PW on t.v. last Wednesday?). I am seriously hoping to more than double my word count between next Thursday and Sunday. Any of my writing buddies wanna do an on-line word war Thanksgiving weekend? Let me know.

5. On the topic of plumping things up: Feta Fries.

Oh sweet heaven. During my time as a high school English teacher I only taught Freshman once  – my first year of teaching. I had the little heathens 8th hour – the last period of the day. I swear the administration schedules stuff like that on purpose; you know – some kind of hazing weeding out process. Anyways, that was  11 years ago and now one of the boys from that class owns owns a little restaurant in town. His family is Greek, and it cracked me up at how tickled he was while we worked our way through  the Greek mythology unit. Remember the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Just like that.  The reason I mention this is because although his place serves most of the standard stuff like pizza, burgers, etc, he always tries to add a little Greek spin to things in some of the offerings. Like the Feta Fries. A friend of mine told me about them and I had to try them. It had been a very long time since I allowed myself the treat of french fries (I find it hard to only eat a few so I try not to eat them at all), but it was worth it because they were incredible! Perfectly toasty hot seasoned thick cut fries showered with a heavy dose of feta. An unexpected combination but really yummy. And salty!

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