Friday Fast Five: WORK, PLAY, & SHOPPING

1. I have 2 scripts to write this weekend…and I wonder why I’m not getting that novel finished.

2. Lately I have been doing so many various volunteer tasks at Miss A’s school I feel like it’s become a part-time job. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it (mostly) but yowsa! what a time suck.

3. White Elephant Party this weekend! We all were too busy over the holidays to have it then, and I kinda liked having this fun little bit left over to look forward to after Christmas has been packed up for the year. There is an infamous gift that circulates amongst us at the WE party…and I admit to being the guilty party who initiated it. I’ll have to write a special post dedicated to the item in question, it is just that bad good.

4. The husband and I love shopping at Trader Joe’s and Half Price books – but the closest ones to us are about 30 minutes away,  we actually have to plan trips there! What stores do you love and wish were closer to you?

5. One store I am glad is close but not too close is The American Girl Place. I am glad we are close enough to plan visits there, but also glad we can’t just go there anytime – I’d be broke beyond belief. Miss A LOVES the new girl of the year, (Kanani – she’s from Hawaii) – and she is currently on a savings plan to earn enough money to buy her. It’s a win-win situation, she gets the doll she really wants, and I get her to dry dishes,  put away laundry and make her bed without whining (we have a no whining policy – if she complains while doing chores, she doesn’t get paid).  As an added bonus, I am telling myself what a great mama I am for teaching her responsibility, the satisfaction of earning something yourself, and hopefully instilling a better understanding of the value of a dollar (or in this case, one hundred dollars).

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