Another Series Wraps Up

There is something wonderful and dreadful about the end of a literary series. All that excitement and anticipation that builds as you wait for the release of the final book, but coupled with that is a bit of sadness that the party is over, so to speak.

Today the last book in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series,  ShadowFever, is being released – and speaking of parties – she is hosting a big one in New Orleans right this very moment. In fact, the party started over the weekend. Karen is one of those authors who connects with her fans on a regular basis.  I really really really wanted to be there – but I have this thing, this business thing, that I run and it just wouldn’t work with my schedule. Oh, and those 2 small persons I am responsible for; so I have to enjoy the festivities vicariously and hope I can eventually make it to another one of the awesome get-togethers Karen arranges for her fans from time to time.

If, like me, you weren’t lucky enough to get down to the Big Easy, or smart enough to order an autographed copy in advance, and you also still need to buy your copy of ShadowFever, Barnes&Noble is doing a 30% off coupon:

I still have a gift card to burn there, so I’ll probably pick it up today.

Then I’ll try and figure out how to etch some reading time into my schedule so I can relish the end of this party.

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