Friday Fast Five: A SouperBowl, No Super Bowl, Win a Trip,Win a Playhouse, And Lil’ G Rewrites Justin B

1. This weekend my family is attending a “SouperBowl” event.  You can enter a soup into a competition, I jumped on board and am planning to make a recipe I’ve never tried, but saw a friend post on FB  about the Tortellini Kielbasa Soup she was cooking, and it sounded so yummy, I decided I am going to have to try it! If I lose, I can blame it on the fact I’ve never made it before. 😉 Families are also encouraged to come to the event dressed up as “Souper” heroes…Miss A will be going as Princess Leia, but I don’t think I’ll be trading her cinnamon buns for soup cans.

2. Last weekend I promised my husband if the Bears won, I’d host the Super Bowl at our house. Thank you Mr. Cutler,  now I don’t have to vacuum under the couch cushions and make massive piles of nachos.

3. A CleverGirls Collective blog, MyLifeScoop, is hosting a GiveAway for a $500 Travelocity gift certificate. Just let ’em know where you’d like to go. We may not be buried in Boston, but it’s still Winter in the Mid-West around these parts and Hawaii sounds very very nice right now.

4. If you don’t win the above, let your little ones have a getaway of their own with one of Etsy shop Imaginative Play’s adorable play houses Bird’s Party is giving away, the contest ends today – so hop on over and enter!

5. That commercial for the Justine Bieber movie (it is Bieber, not Beaver, right?) is on, like, all the time – and his “Baby, Baby” song gets in my head and I find myself singing it when I least expect it.  I was singing it yesterday while folding laundry and Lil’ G, sang right back to me, “Mama, Mama.” Call Usher,  I feel a #1 hit in the making, YouTube here we come.

And no, the "G" in Lil' G is not short for "Ga Ga"

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