Snow Day! I ain’t drivin’ so let’s start drinkin’

Well, it’s official.  Miss A’s school closed early today and canceled school for tomorrow as well.  By tomorrow morning we are supposed to be buried under the worst snow storm in 40 years. Oh the hyperbole! But, since I’m now stuck at home with a husband “working” from home tucked away in his office upstairs, I get the joys of a crabby 2 year old who needs a nap but won’t take it. A seven year old who keeps sneaking more Doritos after I tell her to put them away…fights between the two of them over what show gets picked off of the Netflix cue (Wonder Pets vs Wizards of Waverly Place!). Oh, and Lil G just demanded I clean the cookie crumbs out of her belly button. Yep – 2 hours into our “Snowed In” adventure, and I’m ready for a drink.

Look, it even has "Winter" right in the title! It's Perfect!

Don’t worry, I’ll pull it together in a little while. I’ll hide the snacks and make a decent dinner, turn off the t.v. and try and find some other way to keep the girls busy; one idea you might want to break out if you find yourself snowed in as well is something I came up with awhile back after seeing something in the Land of Nod catalog: let your kids go wild and color all over the walls! (Well, not exactly, you’d need something stronger than a beer after that!)

With some poster board and a black sharpie you can set up a wall of  “frames” that your kids can doodle in to their hearts content.

Looking for other boredom busters? Assuming you have power, check out these fun FREE Valentine printables to keep ’em busy, courtesy of the Indie Tot. Included are word finds, cute critter cards to color, and make your own stickers.

So, if you are somewhere Mother Nature is blasting with a not-so-gentle-reminder that it’s February 1st and we’re in the dead of winter –  I hope all your loved ones arrive home safe and sound – be smart and stay home if you can, pour a drink, relax and don’t think about all the shoveling that’s waiting for you.

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