That’s It – I’m Joining the Dark Side

This dude showed up on my front porch this morning and promised me a ride to Starbucks.

Tell the husband and kids I love them, but the temptation was just too great.

Seriously though, I have a really hard time buying into meteorologist mania and I refuse to let the media whip me into a frenzy – but I have to say, this time – the reality lived up to the hype. We got an insane amount of snow dumped on  us overnight – and lawsy, but it’s still a’comin’.

So what’s a girl to do? I shoved (and I mean SHOVED) my front door open a bit and started playing in the snow with my vintage Star Wars figures.

Maybe it was that flashback feeling I was having to the 80’s when I remember the snow being up to my armpits once. (yeah, ok, so I was a short kid – but still).

I plan to whip out Luke & Leia in Hoth gear next…who knows, by the time I’m done, I’ll have re-created the entire opening scene of ESB…

Not like I got anything better planned for today.

I think I’m gonna ask my new friend if he can hitch a plow to that sweet ride of his.

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