Friday Fast Five: The Snow, The Gym, the Notorious Lil’ G, and why I’m not that into UF

1. If you have read the last few posts o’ mine – you may have noticed the area in which I reside was bombarded with a heckuvalot of snow. And woo-hoo! We are supposed to get more this weekend! I  don’t know where the snow is going to go…but I fear it may still be here in May when Lil’ G turns 3.

2. Speaking of Lil’ G – that girl has more drama than her mama. And I have a heckuvalot of drama, (see how I managed to use my made up word again?) they don’t call me The Original Drama Mama for nothin’.  So, last night Lil’ G went all Godzilla on her train table. When she came downstairs this morning my husband asked her what happened – she broke into tears, her gorgeous blue eyes pools of despair and sweet little lips trembling, she cried, “Oh my train, my train, what happened?!?” Then the little stinker had the audacity to turn to Miss A and say “Sister did it!” Oh, art of manipulation – how early thy is learned.

3. On a less nefarious note, lately Lil’ G has taken to making phone calls. Her conversations always begin roughly the same way, “Hi Dada (or Nana, or whomever). I Gwyn!”  The other day she had her play phone and made a call to her best buddy in the whole world (if you don’t count Dora and the Wonder Pets). The conversation began as usual, “Hi Sammy, I Gwyn!” then after a pause, as if listening to a comment from her pal, she continued with this blithe response “My diaper’s fine.” Hmm. Ok then. It makes sense, I suppose – after all, I suspect the condition of one’s diaper is of upmost importance to a two year old.

Lil' G and gal pal Ms S

4. I finally managed to join a gym for the first time since Miss A was younger than Lil’ G. I am so happy I did it – Lil’ G plays with other kids while I workout instead of zoning out in front of the t.v. or throwing toys at me while I’m on treadmill from over the gate I put up to keep her out of the workout room.  A few days ago I tried Zumba for the first time, it was a heckuvalot of fun. (ha! did it again). Sure beats trying to run outside like this crazy person:

5. A couple of weeks back I mentioned the end of a series of books I had been following. Well, I finally had a chance to read the book and, though some may say I can’t be a true fan of the author and feel this way – I say you don’t lie and tell your friends they look great when they decide it’s time for harem pants to make a comeback.  From the get go the Fever series was not my favorite, I’m not much of an Urban Fantasy (aka: UF) person – but I thought it was awesome of KMM to follow her own path and write what she felt compelled to write – not what her readers demanded. So I followed her along the journey she started with DarkFever, and thought I would reach the end as she had promised with ShadowFever. Unfortunately, as the book itself says “The end…for now…” the series ain’t over. She has a contract for 3 more Fever books, and left holes and dangling hooks all over ShadowFever – which I felt was not fair to her readers. If she wants to keep writing in this new world she created, that is fine – but don’t promise a complete series and then end it in such a fashion. I felt a bit, well, taken advantage of. I suppose I like my HEA’s too much, which is why after finishing SF I loaded Spell of the Highlander onto my ipod and have been enjoying listening to that this week while I shoveled snow (see #1) and worked out (see #4).

This is a heckuvalot more to my liking.

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