Friday Fast Five: Prizes, Birthdays, Illness, and is February over yet?

1. I always try and share contests and giveaways I find on the interwebs, and y’all should listen to me more often*, back in December, I posted about the BlogHer/Intel giveaway…and guess what? I get to go shopping! That’s right, yours truly got lucky. My gift card arrived last week, and I’m thinking I’ll finally get rid of Monitorsaurus and get a flat screen – and maybe a wireless printer that uses ink costing less than $50 a cartridge.

*On second thought,  maybe you shouldn’t listen to me and enter the contests I give a shout out to – improves my odds 😉 But in case you are interested, TomKat Studios has a Giveaway going now for a $70 Shop Credit to Petal Chic Boutique

And if that isn’t enough for you – Bird’s Party Blog, formerly Bird’s Crafts  – the site where I won this lovely necklace – is hosting a giveaway for a $50 credit towards party supplies at Smidge and Pinch.

2. Recently I realized something weird that I never thought about before – I knew it, but didn’t think about it – does that make sense? Both my dad and my husband’s father were born in the same month, and both my mom and my husband’s mom were also born in the same month. I wonder if there is something to that…beyond getting all our parental gift giving away in short order. Maybe if I actually believed in horrorscopes and stuff I’d be more excited about this realization.

3. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. It seems for the last several weeks my family keeps passing a sore throat, stuffy nose and swollen glands around and around and around. Last night I tried gargling with Bourbon, I was so tired of the icky pain in my throat. (FYI –  It didn’t work) Unlike the husband, who keeps a medicinal bottle on hand,  I can’t drink the stuff straight since it makes me want to hurl – and as that’s one symptom I haven’t had lately, I’m not going to add it now. What about you? Any tried and true remedies for sore throats?

4. After thinking and  talking and talking and thinking about it – I finally need to take action. My hair, long and wavy and auburn, is a source of pride for me – but the gray (or in my case WHITE) is taking over and I can’t hide it anymore and certainly can’t ignore it! I need to do something about it. But I am scared of messing up one of my favorite features…all tips-suggestions-ideas-advice-warnings-etc as to how to proceed with coloring my hair and  getting rid of the gray are welcome. And no, cutting out just the gray parts isn’t an option.

5. I hate February…I mean really, really hate it.  This time of year is my least favorite. The weather sucks, everyone is sick, the snow is a nasty gross slush – spring and warmth and green and sunshine feels so very far away. In the “one day…” pile, I tell myself that one day I will be able to check out of February, and escape somewhere warm and relaxing for 28 days. Because really, that’s the only good thing about this month: it’s shorter than all the rest.

This image courtesy of a FB page for people who hate February. I'm serious, there is such a thing.

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