Straw Sisters

We had a day off from school a week ago and after I dragged them to the gym so I could work out I took the girls for a quick treat before heading to a ceramics studio for some painting fun.

I know I gripe about motherhood alot, but I am so happy with my sweet little family – my two girls, who often refer to each other as simply “Sister” fill my life in amazing ways, big and small.  Here I made use of my rarely used camera phone and  snapped a pic of them sharing that most beloved of beverages – chocolate milk.

I’m glad I caught the darling moment on my cell phone camera – moments later they were arguing over which straw belonged to who.

I wonder if it’s my fault that both my girls ADORE chocolate milk the way they do – it was one of my few cravings while pregnant.  Though with Miss A I craved fresh pineapple like crazy and she won’t touch the stuff. Hmm.

IHeartFaces Weekly Photo Challenge is camera pics – and since I loved this recent pic enough to make it my current FB profile, I figured why not? And submitted it just under the wire (entries close at 9pm).

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