It’s Back. Oh yeah.

After a very very long hiatus, the Monday Muse is coming back.

Now, I can’t promise I’ll have my peas and carrots together enough to post a new muse each Monday, (I am trying to finish a novel here folks…and run a business, and take care of two red headed females (myself not included in that number)but I’m going to shoot for at least one awesome Mama each month.

To celebrate the return of the Monday Muse, I even made a nifty new button that’s not actually a button because I still need to figure out how to make a real button. Using free digital materials available at the  cute website Shabby Princess, I played a bit on PhotoShop and came up with this:

I know, it looks Holly Hobbie, but hey - I dig that Praire Girl.

I have a couple of incredible muses lined up  – from published authors to incredibly talented crafty women who are a part of my everyday life to ladies I have never met but with whose work I fell in love with on Etsy – I promise a little something for everyone.

Well, actually I don’t promise that. But if you enjoy finding inspiration in stories about other mamas just like you – women who juggle the daily grind while making time for their art and room for their passion – then I think I can make good on my promise.

See you on a Monday real soon!

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