You’ll Want to Stop By a Week from Today

Having announced that Monday Muse will make its return debut next week, I went back and looked at some of the MM archives – and realized I have made some great “web friends” via MM – ladies whose work I admire, and whom I often take a little time from my over-scheduled day to visit their sites, read their posts – check out their art, and catch up with their life.

Ladies like Miss Aimee and Bella Sinclair, who always make me smile when they stop by and say hi here as well.

One of my earliest Monday Muse posts struck home fresh and true all over again as I read it tonight, while my oldest was nagging for me to get started on our weekly piano lesson and the younger was hanging on my arm with her own list of demands.  If you are a mama with a passion to create who has ever felt a moment of frustration with your children and the restrictions their needs place on your time, I think you’ll appreciate this  Monday Muse post.

Then come back next week to soak up some inspiration and meet the first Monday Muse of 2011 – yes we’re 3 months in – but I hate January and February, so we can pretend those didn’t happen.

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