Tiny Dancer – St. Pat’s Style

Get the image of Sir Elton dressed as a leprechaun doing the jig out of your mind (what, that wasn’t there til I just put it in? Oh. )

The Tiny Dancer I refer to is the adorable, tiny little Irish dance shoe charm that makes up a part of this lovely necklace, my contribution for day 2 of the first ever and probably not annual 17 Days of Irish:

Photo from MadisonCraftStudio on etsy

I am so in love with hand stamped jewelry right now – which is good, because it seems to be cropping up everywhere. For Christmas my mother-in-law got me a hand stamped necklace with Miss A & Lil G’s names on a circlet, from which hangs charms representing their birthstones. It is simple and pretty and personal and I adore it!

Lil’ G won’t start step dancing lessons til this fall, but I think I will be buying one of these for each of my girls and stashing them away as presents…as long as I don’t turn into my mother and forget where I put them, and they become Sweet 16 gifts…

Etsy has a few other similar necklaces – but this one: with the combo of the dancer’s shoe, the stamped initial, and the birthstone charm, was my favorite. Visit MadisonCraftStudios shop on etsy to browse around. Tell them Drama Mama sent you, she’ll have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

And speaking of stamped jewelry, there is currently a Giveaway going on to win this wee shamrock necklace:

To enter, just visit the Lucky 4 Leaf Clover GiveAway at Cap Creations, and leave a comment describing something you do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Pretty easy, huh? Cap Creations also sells lots of adorable hand stamped jewelry, so browse their shop too and also tell them Drama Mama sent you (though, again, they will have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Less than no idea, if that were possible.)

See you tomorrow where I wax rhapsodic about my favorite band to listen to on St. Patrick’s Day (and many other days as well).

And no, it’s not U2. (Though I like them just fine).

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